Justin Paz

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About Me

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Spanish linguistics at the University of Arizona, where I also completed my B.A. in Spanish and linguistics with a minor in gender and women’s studies in 2011 and my M.A. in Spanish linguistics in 2013.

​As a tutor, I have worked with high school and college students in varying levels of math, Spanish, linguistics, and English composition courses both privately and with C.A.T.S. Academics and the New Start Program at the University of Arizona. I am certified as an Advanced tutor by the College Reading and Learning Association, and I currently also tutor with STEM Excellence Tutoring in Tucson, Arizona.

​Currently, I work mostly with college students in math courses including college algebra, precalculus/trigonometry, and calculus (both single variable and multivariable), and I have worked with students of Spanish as a second language courses as well as heritage learners of Spanish.


How It Works

Math Courses Tutored

Tutoring Options

College Algebra



Calculus 1 & 2

Calculus 3 (Vector Calculus)

Business Calculus

High School Algebra

High School Geometry

AP Calculus AB & BC

Online Sessions

Online sessions are conducted live via Zoom or an alternative  (e.g., Google Meet, Skype, FaceTime).

1 hour: $35
2+ hours: $30/hour*

*For students wishing to meet multiple times per week, special rates can be negotiated.

Other Courses Tutored

All levels of Spanish

Spanish Phonetics

Spanish Linguistics

Spanish Syntax

Introduction to Linguistics

Introduction to Syntax

Between Sessions

For students who meet with me once a week or more often, I will also provide you with handouts and practice problems. I will also answer short questions by email, including worked-out solutions.


Why work with me?

As a tutor of both math and Spanish, I don’t just understand the material. More importantly, I understand how students learn, including how they think, common areas of difficulty, and how to help students reach that next level.

Additionally, my years of experience equip me with the knowledge to recognize what kinds of skills and knowledge your instructor expects you to develop. For example, Calculus 2 is very different depending on whether you take it at the University of Arizona, Pima Community College, Arizona State University, or another school. Once I start working with you, I can identify what is and isn’t important for your specific course, which then allows me to share specific, individualized resources with you.