Frequently asked questions

How does online tutoring work?

For students with a recurring weekly (or more frequent) appointment, I will share a Google Doc with you in which you can add questions and pictures/screenshots of homework problems for us to go over during our session. This will give me an idea of what material you are covering and how your course/instructor/textbook is covering it and helps me to plan for a more efficient tutoring session. During our session, we will use an online whiteboard as well as screensharing through Zoom (or whichever app we agree to use) to work through the material in question. After the session, I will send you the notes from our session along with other relevant resources.

What technology do I need for online tutoring?

For successful online tutoring, at the bare minimum, you will need a computer with reliable high-speed internet access. A webcam is useful for me so I can gauge your understanding from your facial expression as we work, but it is not absolutely necessary. If you have any sort of tablet (e.g., iPad) or tablet computer (e.g., Surface Pro), this is ideal since it will be easier for you to write on the whiteboard, and I can see how you work through problems. However, this is not absolutely necessary.

What courses have you tutored recently?

In Spring 2020, I worked with students in the following courses: University of Arizona Math 112: College Algebra Math 113: Calculus Concepts Math 122A/B: Calculus I Pima Community College MAT 241: Calculus III Arizona State University MAT 266: Calculus II for Engineers Purdue University MA 26200: Calculus II Sabino High School AP Calculus AB University High School AP Calculus BC Honors Geometry